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Spotlight  photo of Nathan Fowler Glover son of William E. Glover
Greetings and good luck to my cousins the Charles E. Glover researchers!

I am a descendant of Rev. John Lathrop and Hannah House/Howse.


Welcome to my website.  I am Margie Glover Daniels a descendant of John Glover and Sarah Paschal on my father's side of the family.  All my surnames are included on the site and at the moment I am working to add new data and re arrange the site.  The site is quite large but I have search engines to help you find what you need.  Some records will not be picked up by the search engines because they are scans of original documents.  Records like Mt. Paran Primitive Baptist Church in Crawford County Georgia and Crooked Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Putnam County Georgia.  To may amazement my mother and father's side of my family lived in the same counties through many years and lived near each other.  Jeremiah Castleberry attended Crooked Creek Baptist church and lived two plantations away from John Glover. 
My surnames are Glover,  Paschal, La-Lothropp,  House/Howse, Crowell/Crow/Crowe,  Dennes/Dennis,
Evans, Stokes,  Frederick, Gray,  Fowler, Castleberry, Parker, Eubanks, Hodges, Love, Whatley, Mary Elizabeth Johns, Margaret Johns, Genny Henderson, Ward
My goal for the site is to gather records for the surnames listed which are connected to my family and those of interest to other researchers.
We are also part of the Glover family DNA study.  We already have a match.  If you are a Glover male descendent I urge you to join the study. Good Luck..   Margie  Glover Daniels


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Spotlight  photo of Nathan Fowler Glover son of William E. Glover

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