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Thomas Parker


Thomas & Frankey Parker
Parents of Carter

Carter Parker drew land in 1827 in Coweta County, Ga.


Coweta County was created in 1826.  It was formed from Creek Indian Lands received in a treaty with the Federal government at Indian Springs, GA in Feb, 1825. The county seat is Newnan.
The earliest seat of government in Coweta County was Bullsboro, two and a half miles east of Newnan. In 1827-28 the Inferior Court of Coweta County selected the present site of Newnan to be the county seat.

The first known white settler to arrive in our area was  John Duncan in 1754 he settled along a creek in the  northeastern section of the county, not far from the present City of Clinton. The General Assembly passed  an act on March 12, 1785, whereby 6 counties were to be established out of the old Ninety-Six District. Laurens  County was one of those counties. Laurens County
derived its name from a patriot, warrior, and statesman, --the Honorable Henry Laurens of Charleston.   Scotch-Irish immigrants out of Pennsylvania, Maryland,  and Virginia became the predominate settlers of the county.

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Carter Parker & wife are on 1840 Census report Coosa County Alabama
1850 Census report Coosa Co., Al. shows Carter with Charity and their younger children, married children are shown with their wives and children.

Brother John Carter and wife Mahalia Dial Parker with younger children also appear on the census.

CSA records show Carter and Martin Parker supporting the effort in Talladega, Al. military training facility

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Coosa County Alabama was created by the Alabama legislature on 1832 Dec. 18, from lands included in the Creek Indian Treaty of Cusseta, 1832 Mar. 24.


After the census of 1860 and before 1863  Mary Ann Castleberry dies.
Martin Parker marries Nancy Booth Posey February 16, 1863 in Coosa County, Alabama
1863-65 Carter Parker and Martin Parker serve the CSA at the Talladega Camp of instruction, Talladega Alabama
1870 Talladega Census records show Martin, Nancy and blended family, Posey children are shown as Parker
Coosa County 1850 census shows John and wife Mahalia Dial Parker next door to George Parker and another John Parker.  John shown with Mahalia is brother of Carter, who is George and the other John Parker?
Nancy Booth Posey Parker dies, no children are born of this marriage.

It is still a mystery why Martin Parker left Alabama and moved to Lafayette Co., Ms. there was a large number of Parker families in the county in 1880 their relationship to each other is still unknown.
Martin Parker moves to Lafayette Co. Ms. and marries Charlotte Hensley March 06, 1872 and they start a new family.
Martin Parker and Father Carter Parker serve in the WBTS at The Camp of Instruction in Talladega county Alabama.
Andrew Jackson Parker marries Pearlie Virginia Eubanks August 09, 1895 in Sardis, Ms.

Born of this marriage:

Lelia, Jerry, General and George

Andrew and Pearlie are on the 1910 Marshall Co., Ms. census with their children.

Martin Parker shown on 1910 census Marshall County Ms. as head of  household, daughter and grandson living in home with him.

Martin Parker dies in Pine Valley, Yalobusha County Mississippi
Feb. 29, 1913.
Martin Parker dies and is buried at Tabernacle Church Cemetery where he was the pastor.

Lelia Augusta Parker marries Prentis Pitts in Sardis, Ms. May 10, 1913. They divorce Memphis, Tn. about 1920

Born of this marriage:

Margaret Pitts, Horace Pitts, Catherine Pitts, Dorothy Pitts

Leila Parker Pitts marries Lemuel Albert Whatley, Memphis, Tn. July 7, 1924

Born of this marriage:

Annie Whatley, Alma Whatley, Marjorie Whatley, Pauline Whatley

Pearl V. Eubanks Parker dies  in Ms. August 13, 1917 Pearlie was the daughter of Isaac Martin Eubanks and Matilda (thought to be Parrott). Her last  name is not certain  yet.  She is shown on the 1870 census report with her husband Isaac living in the household with Isaac's brother, Joseph and her first born son Joseph. 
Andrew Jackson Parker dies June 19, 1929 Memphis, Tn. Jackson was what everyone called him. Jackson  fell while taking a walk and broke his hip.  He was hospitalized and once he was bedridden with the hip other complications set in.  He died at the Shelby County Hospital in Shelby County, Tn.  and buried at Forest Hill in Memphis, Tn.  He was beloved by all who knew him or so I am  told.  Margie
Lemuel Whatley, husband of Leila Parker Pitts Whatley dies in Memphis, Tn. Oct. 1831 Lem born in Whatley, Clarke County, Al. worked for the ICC railroad.  He traveled to Memphis, Tn. where he met Lelia.  The first of their children Annie was born in Memphis and then the family moved to Desoto Missouri.  He continued his work for ICC until his death.  He fell ill in Desoto, hospitalized in St. Louis then transferred to Memphis where he died. 
Lelia Augusta Parker Pitts Whatley marries for the 3rd and last time to Robert McClain. They remain married until her death 15 July 1957 Lelia was a midwife, well known in the section called Fort Pickering, Tennessee. At one time the Fort was outside Memphis on a bluff until the city of Memphis took the town in but continued to be called Ft. Pickering. She moved back to Water  Valley for a  while but did not remain.  She was living in a little community called Kerrville, Tennessee when she had a stroke, was hospitalized and died.

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